Project management – it doesn’t need to be complicated

Aug 30, 2017 | government, nhs trusts, projects in plain english, tech start-up, universities

by Steve Tofts

Two friends sat down to drink tea and talk. He was troubled and told her that he had spent his whole life looking for happiness and security but had still not found it. She told him that maybe he was trying too hard.

She recommended that he read a little book by Deepak Chopra called “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. In particular, she suggested that he read the chapter on the Law of Detachment. He asked why. She told him that if he allowed himself to be more detached he wouldn’t feel compelled to force solutions on problems all the time. “Be brave”, she said, “sometimes it helps to stand back and see what happens. But stay alert to new opportunities. You’ll be amazed at what happens.”

He still believes that this is one the best pieces of advice he has been given.

The next time they met she was troubled. Her problem was more practical and more immediate. She had been asked to lead an important project at work. She was comfortable with the technical aspects and desperately wanted it to be a success. But she’d never led a big project before and felt that she needed some kind of framework to support her.

The Seven Universal Laws of Project Management:

  1. The Law of Justification
  2. The Law of Responsibilities
  3. The Law of Uncertainty
  4. The Law of Planning
  5. The Law of Fit for Purpose
  6. The Law of Delegation
  7. The Law of Change

Over a pot of tea, he sketched out on the back of a menu the essence of everything he had learnt in a lifetime of managing projects. When he finished they laughed at the similarities between Chopra’s seven spiritual laws and what he called the seven universal laws of project management.

The last thing that the world needs is another book on project management that’s the size of a door–step. But perhaps there’s room for one more little one? I I wonder if it would sell half as well as Deepak’s…


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